Reinforce Your Roof With a State-of-the-Art Coating

Reinforce Your Roof With a State-of-the-Art Coating

Our roofing contractor can update your roof in Lehmi County, Salmon, Challis or Leadore, ID

Your roof has a big impact on the climate and energy efficiency of your building. If your store or office has a simple, standard roof, you might be surprised at the difference commercial roof coating can make.

Tri State Brothers Roofing, LLC is a commercial roofing contractor serving businesses throughout Lehmi County, including the cities of Salmon, Challis and Leadore, ID. Whether your roof needs repairs or you just want to improve its performance, we can apply a coating that will improve your its performance and make it look more attractive.

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How our roof coating will help your business

Your roof works constantly to protect your interior from wind, rain, snow, hail and sun. Why not give it some help? Consider a commercial roof coating because it...

  • Reflects ultraviolet rays, helping to keep your building cool and reduce your HVAC needs.
  • Is so strong and durable that we offer an 18-year warranty.
  • Covers your roof to protect it from the elements, increasing its life span.

Every roof will need to be replaced eventually. You can save money in the long run by helping your roof last as long as possible with a roof coating. Find out more by calling our roofing contractor at 208-993-0362.